Considering Counselling?  who is the right therapist for you?

Considerations when looking for a therapist:

Confidentially  in counselling creates a space which allows clients to discuss sensitive subjects, without the misuse of this knowledge outside of the counselling room.

Opportunity to explore and externalise some of the difficulties you might have in your life.

Understanding the counselling and therapeutic relationship, the term is used to identify how counsellors and clients connect with each other and build the relationship

Non-judgemental, understanding the client is going beyond just hearing the words spoken. Its acceptance genuineness and empathy, Open mindedness about different people and ideas.

Safe environment. A person's desire to feel safe is crucial in therapy and to the success of the relationship.

Empathy is an expression of regard and respect. It ensures you are listening when dealing with clients concerns as presented.

Listening makes a person feel worthy, appreciated, and respected, it builds trust to help the client disclose their thoughts and emotions.

Learning and development ensure that the counsellor is competent and ethical in dealing with his/her clients. We use ourselves as the main tool to help clients.

Integrity The quality for moral consistancey honesty and truthfulness with oneself and others

Navigating you through the challenge you are currently facing, and to build skills for the challenges to come.

Growth is a process of self-explorations and skill building which can improve a person's overall quality of life.