Before The Therapy Chair


Learning to be a counsellor wasn't something that I had ever thought about, nor considered. When I left school, i was unsure what I wanted to do. I found myself taking what was available, that was financially stable, even though the job that was presented never felt it had any direction. Although it gave me various skill sets along the way, i never found my calling. I followed the structure of society, worked met someone, got married and then had children. Any future career prospects at that time were put on hold.




Fast forward a couple of decades, the love of my life and my whole world imploded, heavily impacting on myself and my children, changing our lives as we knew it. The emotional rollercoaster was hard, however time is a healer and i used this as an opportunity to find my passion. 

Reflecting on the whole experience was understanding how I was married to someone who I didn't really know and the changes that acured in his personality beliefs and values, I found he had become emotionally shut off. 

Understanding my own pain, gave me direction on how my experiences had impacted my life, learning to move on. I felt that understanding my own issues could be used in supporting others in all sorts of situations. This sparked my interest in how the mind works, learning about thoughts, feelings, behaviours and how this may impact our everyday lives.





Through in depth research, I enrolled on a 3 year course with Chrysalis, not only did it teach me empathy, compassion and to understand but I re-discovered who I was, finding new things about myself that i never would have known. I finally found something that I love and want to continue to build a career for and help guide others in becoming a better version of themselves.

Now 5 years on I have created my own counselling practice, The Therapy Chair. Although nervous I'm ready for whatever challenges await me on this remarkable journey. Accepting nothing in life comes easy but with self belief, determination and persevervance, anything is possible. I cannot wait to see where my 2022 journey takes me. 

Your journey starts here!